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 Zombie story.

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Pvt. Ishiro

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PostSubject: Zombie story.   Thu Dec 06, 2007 1:02 pm

Well, I get bored very very very easly, and well, I thought, what better I could do with my time...Write a zombie story! its still not finished and has alot of errors but, its only a rough draft. Ill add to it from time to time when I get bored if you guys like it.

Dec. 9th. 07.

Its been 8 days since the first infection broke out. Its only me Adam, Matt, Tyler, and Grant. The other Adam, and James left to get food and more supplys a day or so ago. I doubt they are coming back. We are currently held up in a armory, we have plenty of ammo, and guns, but only 1 month worth of food and few supplys to reinforce our barracdes when we need to. We've taken out about 10 or 12 zombies so far, our escape plan is to go to the mountans were we hear its safe, but from the looks of it its not safe till we get out of this town.

Dec. 10th. 07.

We were all suddenly awaken by Adam coming up to each one of us shaking us trying to get us all up and ready, I could see the fear in his face, he dosnt scare easly, I can only immagine what we are up against. He was sprinting twords me he came up to me and whispered 'They know we are here, there is maybe 30 or 40 they are going to get in anytime now' I quickly shot up put on my gas mask and grabed my m4 and headed twords the window, panicing almost tripping over my own feet I droped my extra ammunition magazine. When, I got to the window I could not believe my eyes, 30 or 40 was an understatement, I couldnt see the end of zombies, some of them missing arms, gun shot wounds, missing skin, some of them were still feeding on people trying to get here, but they didnt make it...only if they were a little bit faster...The sounds of the groans and the sharp banging on the steel door was blocking out my own thoughts. A cold hand grabed my shoulder, it was Adam telling me to go out the back door with him. Picking up my m4 and running right behind him, not even bothering to pick up my extra magazine of ammunition on the floor. We sprinted out the back door, I grabed a bag with a red cross on the back of it and under the cross in big red letters it said 'MEDIC'. I grabed a pack of ciggarettes and a pistol and two pistol magazines and sprinted after Adam. I was sprinting through the garage, and out the door, were I was faced with matt with his m82 50 cal sniper rifle (lets just say thats a big fucking gun) I heard him scream "DROP" I droped to the ground droping my pistol, followed by that there was 5 bangs, I looked behind me two zombies were split in half, their arms and limbs in mid air and blood spraying on my mask. When you are in pure chaos and panic everything eventfull happens in slow motion.I threw my self back on my feet, still sprinting running out of breath, matt still shooting off round after round at the door behind me. Grant was finishing up throwing the last bit of ammo and food and other misc. supplys that we needed into the truck. We got in the back of a truck that we had prepaired with steel sidings and gun ports so we could shoot out of the truck while still moving. Tyler closed the hatch behind me after I jumped into the truck, with a lound choking sound adam tryed starting the truck, after a few attempts he got it running. I looked out the back end of the truck still sweating from all the running I grabed a cigarette out of its pack and lit it. Tyler looked at me and said "You know, those things can kill ya" I replyed with a smirk on my face and pointed at the zombies "You know, THOSE things can kill you". Adam plowed through the gates and running over one zombie leaving a stain of blood and guts on the pavement, Adam was laughing, and saying "TEN POINTS". We needed to find another place to hold out.

Dec. 11th 07.

We drove for about 7 hours avoiding all major citys. We needed to stop for fuel the disel truck we've been running on E for about 10 miles now, its about time we found a gas station. I hopped out of the truck with Grant and Matt. Matt handing me my m4 and my pack of cigarettes. We started heading to the gas station when we heard something arround back, I signaled Grant and Matt to line up behind me like we were kids playing soilders. My gun pointed at the ground hugging my chest we went arround back, I hugged the wall like it was a close friend or if it was my mother, I couldnt stop my hands from shaking. I leaned over the corrner and seeing 5 zombies feasting on a new corpse. The face of the corpse was nearly gone, but I could still see the pain and fear in its face, I couldnt even hold up my m4 I was so petrified, I never have seen anything so grotesque. I froze up, I couldnt even move. I felt matt push me to the ground then Grant following behind him both of them firing off rounds into the zombies, I layed there and watched, the zombies luke and bleed. One stumbled to get up but it couldnt, its knees were shot out and it was clawing at the ground, trying to get a new victim. Matt looked down at me, with his two big hands he picked me up. I sat down against the side of the gas station, tears streaking down my face. I looked up at Matt and asked him "Is this what happened to our loved ones? To our parents?" Matt looked at me with his freckled face, and replyed "I hope not.". Grant was walking up to each corpse and shooting it in the head to guarentiee that each of the zombies were dead. Matt picked up my M4 and handed it to me. I looked at me and said "Our lives depend on staying headstrong, fight for your family, dont die for your family, now lets go".

I couldnt sleep the rest of the night, to much had gone on since this morning. I sat there with a cigarette in my mouth. Tyler glanced at me while he was reading his book. Matt was there counting how much food and ammo we had. Grant was asleep. Me and Adam took turns driving the rest of the night till morning. I knew we would soon have to fill up the gas tank again. Hopefully the same thing dosnt happen again. After me and Adam switched drivers again I could finally fall asleep.

Dec. 12 07.

I woke up and nobody was around we where at anohter gas station. I paniced, I grabed my M4 turned the saftey off, and opened the trucks door. I turned on my raidio straped to my shoulder and spoke to it "*CLICK* Adam, Matt, Grant, Tyler, anyone. Come in.*CLICK*" Silence...Its a funny thing how paranoid you can get when your in pure silence. "*CLICK* Hey, where in the station", Adam's voice came out of the radio. I started walking to the station, when I triped over a can. Or so I thought. I looked down at the can but, I actully tripped over a human leg. I was shocked and jumped up, and I started clawing for the radio "*CLICK* Adam, I need back up, there are zombies, I cant confirm, but I just tripped over a limb*CLICK*" Grant rushed out of the staion with his gun in his hands rushing to me he picked up my gun and tossed it to me, over to the right of us, I saw 3 zombies rushing full sprint at us, I screamed "RIGHT!" Grant whiped to his right then sighted in his targets and fired off two, three round bursts of bullets. I stood up quickly, and squeezed the trigger. It felt like someone was punching my arm over and over again, I held the trigger down till the gun squeeled 'cling cling cling' announcing it was out of ammo. The zombies were laying near one of the gas pumps sprawled in weird positions, one zombie was almost split in half, but only held together by its spine.

Dec 13. 07.

It was cold, I could sence we were getting closer to the mountans because of the altitude change and I couldnt get my ears to stop poping. We were still in the truck, Adam, said the heater was broke so we had to ride in the cold. What ever dosnt kill us makes us stronger right? Litterally, thats what the zombies were doing, they were killing us then bringing us back to life but even stronger, and faster. Earlyer this morning we had to get out of a parking lot because, we had two zombies ran full sprint after the truck for two miles, it was ammusing for a bit, till they were keeping up. We don't know how long were going to have to hold out in the mountans or, where ever we were going. Anywhere it was safe sounded nice. After all that I've seen, I just want this horrible nightmare to end.

We pulled up to a grocery store getting more food, as we steped out we saw that the store was heavily barricaded with a chain link fence and 9 zombie bodies in front of it, me and Adam scouted out the area, while Tyler and Matt set up a posistion to hold the truck down in case things get nasty. Adam, and I approched the store with caution, not knowing what was going to be in there. I raised my M4 to a opening in the chain link and looked around for a bit. Then I told Adam to cover me while I jumped over. I did the same for him. We broke through the boxes and other wood barricaded and started searching the store. All I could smell was rotten food, and the smell of piss everywhere. I saw something moving around near the back of the store, I signaled Adam. We slowly worked our way to the back of the store making sure we didnt leave anything unchecked, the last thing we need right now is someone to get attacked. I heard heavy breathing and quick footsteps in the isle across from us. I looked at Adam, he raised, his AK47, and switched it to three round burst. I leaned over the isle and started to search for anyone. I saw a man curled up in a ball crying. I gave Adam the 'all clear'. Adam and I approched the man and I struggled to find words to say something to him. He quickly looked at us and, started to mumble words, we didnt know what he was saying. Suddenly I hear Matt over the raido say "Terrance get your ass out here" then I heard several gun shots being fired. I grabbed the man, and Threw him on my back and carried him to the entrance then glanced at Adam, and said " Take him to the truck...keep moving. Ill be out soon" I sprinted back into the store. I grabed some brown bags and started sprinting down the isles looking for canned food, franticly grabbing everything canned and throwing it into my bag, my lungs were burning, my vision started bluring, but I only ran faster, throwing more, and more into the brown bag, it was almost full. "Terrance! Get your ass out here!" Grant screamed over the radio. I turned around still carrying the bag, I started sprinting twords the only way out. I got to the chain linked fence, I could barly see anymore, my vision was one big blur, I could only see the outline of the truck and 10-15 sprinting figures running behind it. I threw my gun and the brown bag over the fence, then leaping over it myself. I picked it all back up. I started to sight my crosshairs to the zombies. I got on one knee and then bang, bang, bang, bang, four rounds out of my gun flew into the pack of zombies, distracting them. They suddenly stoped pursuing the truck. I was their new target of choice. Bang, bang, bang, bang, all I could focus on was kill or be killed, I kept on firing my rifle into the horde that was sprinting full speed at me, click click, I was out of ammo, I reached into my back pocket quickly taking out another clip of ammunition, and loaded it into my rifle, I pulled the trigger once more, bang bang bang bang bang bang. They were closer than ever before, some with their intesines dragging on the pavement some with no face, some of them with no limbs, but still sprinting, I closed my eyes and squeezed the trigger once more, bang bang bang bang, again, I was out of ammo, I opened my eyes and not even 5 feet from me was a corpse of a zombie, blood slowly pooring out of its stomache, and its skull was half gone, it looked as if someone droped a water melon, there was blood and guts all over the pavement. I stood back up, reloading my gun then jogging to the truck, tossing the canned goods into the back then climbing into it. A few minutes later I felt sick, and I had to vomit. Shortly after, I blacked out.
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PostSubject: Re: Zombie story.   Thu Dec 06, 2007 2:52 pm

ha - my names Tyler, well played sir
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PostSubject: Re: Zombie story.   Thu Dec 06, 2007 5:21 pm

thats nicee i like the ending him takeing out the zombiess it must be hard writeing a story aye about it cause you gotta think up of unused ideas i mihgt write one im not sure nvm im makeing mine right noww haha
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PostSubject: Re: Zombie story.   

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Zombie story.
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