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 Allies against RRF

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Allies against RRF Empty
PostSubject: Allies against RRF   Allies against RRF Icon_minitimeMon Dec 17, 2007 11:35 am

i'm Nuerotoxic2213, leader/co-founder of Ackland Mall Security, figured i'd take the time to head on over here and see what your upto, as your member tomer was nice enough to register on our forums and chat with us a bit. if you guys ever go after RRF, havercroft would be the place to be right now, we are currently defending ackland mall itself from a 200+ horde of RRF members, and winning(despite being around 90 occupants less than they). all is somewhat well, and were holding steady as of now, of course, back-up and help is always appreciated. thank you for your audience 25thMPR.

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Allies against RRF
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